Monday, 22 August 2005

Holy smoke!

Last week, in Archway (London), there was an almighty explosion. Houses shook all around the area. I was in my bedroom. I thought something had hit the window.

It turned out that there was an explosion in someone’s flat. Rumour has it that it was a gas explosion. If this was the impact of a small explosion, imagine what a bomb would be like.

The following morning, I went to have a look. Armed with my camera-phone, I took two photos of the front of the building:

And here's one of the back:

The double glazing windows went flying. You can see one on the left of the flat with the explosion. The flat above the explosion has also been damaged.

I spoke to someone who lived in an adjacent flat. She said that her sitting-room door went flying. If she'd been sitting elsewhere, the door would have hit her. She also said that several men bravely ran into the flat and pulled out the man living there. He had been badly burnt. They hosed him down.

That night, the affected people stayed with neighbours.


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